Winter Storm 2011 Plano Texas

Winter Storm 2011 Plano Texas


For the past three days you have wanted to stay off the roads since we had rain Monday night and we haven’t been up 30 degrees since then. Therefore all the roads are iced up, most Texans think just because you have a big vehicle you can brake on us. A lot of people found that not to be the case.

This morning I woke up with 4-6 inches of snow on top of the iced roads. I did what every photograph would do, I went out and braved the elements to make some photographs. I fell about four times since the snow is covering the ice problem that still exists. When I fell I sacrificed my body in the name of Canon to protect my gear :-)

Snow Plano Texas

Snow Plano Texas

Snow Plano Texas

Snow Plano Texas

Snow Plano Texas

  1. Justine - Natural Impressions Photography, ND
    Justine - Natural Impressions Photography, ND02-06-2011

    Beautiful snowy lanscape photography. You are inspiring me to get out and do some too, here in North Dakota.

  2. Tamra Hart
    Tamra Hart02-07-2011

    Brrr! Great landscape photos, make me wish we had snow here in Oregon instead of grey skies and rain.

  3. Debra Engelken, Lawrence KS Photographer
    Debra Engelken, Lawrence KS Photographer02-21-2011

    Image #2- I really like this. Great landscape images. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sarah Metz - Martinez California Photographer
    Sarah Metz - Martinez California Photographer03-02-2011

    Beautiful images – they almost make me miss the snow!

  5. Darlene Cates - Friendswood Texas Photographer
    Darlene Cates - Friendswood Texas Photographer03-08-2011

    Scott I think I commented on FB last month but wanted to post on your blog – I LOVE these images. Image 1 and 2 could be postcards and you would never believe it was Texas.

  6. Zaida

    Lovely landscape photos…you can feel the peaceful solitude that snow leaves behind before everyone goes out trekking in it.

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